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Hello Bright Stars! I'm Sharma Vidal, and my journey reads like a roller coaster ride through cultures, wisdom, and self-discovery, all with a dash of Caribbean zest. 🏝️

Born and bred on the sun-kissed shores of St. Lucia, May 9, 1980 marked the day this adventure began. I grew up in a house bursting with love and the kind of togetherness that only a family as tightly knit as ours could offer. With a grandmother who ruled with love and demanded our presence at Sunday church like it was the hottest ticket in town, my foundation was laid in the sands of both faith and community.

But you know what they say, right? Sometimes the very thing that nurtures you becomes the springboard for seeking more. 🚀 And so, while the waves gently caressed St. Lucia's coastlines, I embarked on a soul-searching quest to answer those age-old questions: Who am I, and why am I here? Spoiler alert: Christianity's puzzle pieces didn't quite fit.

At the tender age of 12, my brother and I hopped on a plane (a major feat for a Caribbean islander) to join my courageous mother in the land of opportunity – the USA. Talk about a culture shock that could rival a lightning bolt! From sandy beaches to towering skyscrapers, I was wide-eyed and ready to embrace it all.

Fast forward through junior high, high school, and college - yep, I've got the degrees to prove it! 🎓 My experiences ranged from the graceful ballet of waiting tables to the electrifying world of real estate investment. But the most electrifying title that I proudly claim? Mother. Being a parent is like getting a backstage pass to life's most magnificent show.

Amidst this whirlwind, my spiritual flame burned stronger than ever. I delved deep, unearthing the power of my mind, the magic of meditation, and the alchemy of my imagination shaping my reality. 💫 And let's not forget my knack for raising vibrations higher than a reggae beat at sunset.

Through trials, triumphs, and more self-help books than you could stack to the moon, I've emerged as the "superhuman" (because let's face it, labels are boring) I was destined to be. And guess what? I've created a sacred space where kindred spirits can join me on this exhilarating journey.

So, if you're ready to peel back the layers, uncover your innate divinity, and laugh in the face of limitations, welcome aboard! Let's co-create the lives we were born to lead, all while savoring a pinch of Caribbean charisma. 🌴✨

Remember, life's a beach, and I'm here to help you ride the waves with confidence and a little touch of humor. 🌊🤙

A mother's love

Family First

As the Saga Continues

My goal is to offer an alternate viewpoint that celebrates uniqueness and individuality while embracing the core of community, which is bound together by our common experiences and wisdom.


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